Adventure SCUBA…for more experienced divers


A more aggressive 3 tank trip geared toward divers who feel that regular charters do not fulfill their quest for adventure! Tuesdays & Fridays. A new level of diving experience. Dive computers are included to get maximum time underwater. If you are looking for more challenging dives consider this trip!
Price:$213.06 including equipment 6:30am check-in Kihei Boat Ramp


Thursday is special because it is the two tank “Sunset/Night Dive” Charter. Dusk is a unique time of change for the reef animals. Some perform mating rituals, others display feeding activity and some are easy to approach as they become sleepy. The afternoon dive is followed by a catered meal. You then dive into a new world of night creatures. Crustaceans (crabs, shrimp & lobsters), Mollusks (shells, octopus & the Beautiful Spanish Dancer nudibranch) and all the nocturnal fish of the reef appear before your light. “Night Life” as you’ve never seen it before!
Price: $190.63 including equipment — check in at Kihei Boat Ramp 3:30pm


Sunday and Wednesday experienced divers are invited to explore the Maui reef system in a less structured tour that is perfect for photographers and divers that like to pace their own dives rather than following a guide. Expect lots of exploratory drift dives and sites you have not seen before. Safety is always paramount but the tours will be as informal as you like. Divemasters will be available to guide you through each site, or you will often have the option to dive your own dive without the structure of a tour.
Before and between dives informative talks on safety, marine life and photo tips will make the trip educational as well as fun. Nitrox (32%) is encouraged for those certified to use it. Dive computers and safety sausages are required (included in the cost.)
Price: $190.63 — 6:30am check-in Kihei Boat Ramp

Wednesdays afternoons are Expedition Dive Days on which we do more advanced scuba dives. This two tank dive starts at a very interesting and historic WWII airplane wreck, and then off in search of the beautiful Manta Rays.
The first tank will be on the “Curtiss Helldiver Sb2C-1C” which lies on the sea floor in about 55 feet. The plane crashed on a routine training mission in 1944 and has been attracting beautiful aquatic life ever since., however wasn’t discovered as a dive site until early 2010! She is fully intact except for the tail section which is said to be part of the reason it went down over 65 years ago..
Our second tank will be at “Manta Spot” a very leisurely dive with a maximum depth of 45 feet. Just like the title, it is a “quest” and we can’t guarantee which animals will swim by, but it is the most likely place to see Manta Rays on Maui. If the Mantas don’t present themselves it is also a great spot to see Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, tropical reef fish, and blow some bubbles while having a great time.
Price: $175.75 — check in at Kihei boat ramp 11:15am return approx 3:30pm