Zipline Upcountry

Makawao Zipline:

This amazing Maui Zipline adventure begins with a stroll across a 317-foot long suspended bridge leading to the Ziplines where you will soar more than three miles through immense Eucalyptus forests, native koa and ohia trees, and many indigenous plants, while catching grand coastal and canyon views all along the ride. This is the only Zipline on Maui where you can zip up to four people side by side. This zip adventure features a choice or 4 or 5 lines.

The first zipline is 480’ long from a free standing tower to a grassy meadow below. The second zipline is 1,065’ in length and crosses over a lush, tropical, valley of guava, kukui nut trees and many variety of ferns. Zipline three is 690’ and crosses back over the valley to the treehouse area with a stunning view of Maui’s North Shore. Zip four is 1,420’ to the base of Piiholo Hill.

A Ranch vehicle then transports guests to the top of the hill for the 2,800’ Grand Finale running 600feet in the air! (views are spectacular and yes, you’re zipping for close to half a mile!)
The harnesses are the most comfortable I’ve found, with good support leg/back, 2 straps & bar to hang on to. They provide water, juice and snacks.
They also offer an optional Tango Tower experience with 12 physical challenges (climbing wall, cargo net climb, etc.) that is really fun.
Pricing: 5 line zip: $197.92 per person/ Tango Tower: $98.96 per person

p.s. there is a 4 line option available for about $50 less, but in my opinion, the last line rocks so much, you’d be missing a lot if you didn’t go for it!