Zipline-Canopy Tour Ha’iku

One of Maui’s best Canopy Tour and Tree to Tree Zipline Adventures is conveniently located within a short drive of Paia town on Maui’s North Shore.

Your scenic treetop adventure begins with a short stroll through the jungle, leading to the start of this unique tree-to-tree canopy tour, where your trained guides will lead you on a series of 7 ziplines, adding up to an amazing tree-to-tree adventure, with each zipline more exhilarating than the last. You’ll zip high up in the trees, while catching spectacular ocean and upcountry views all along the ride.

I like to say that if you have any monkey in you, you’ll love this one. You’re climbing (suspension ramps, stairs and ladders) literally to the tops of the trees and the views over Maui’s North Shore are tremendous! This zip is a little more interactive than most on Maui, in that you slow yourself on the line for landing on the platforms (leather gloves are provided) rather than having brakes on the lines.

Because of the physical nature of this tour (hiking about 1/4 mile, some climbing), those with neck injuries, back injuries, are pregnant or have other physical limitations are advised not to do the tour.
Price: $119 plus tax per person.