Rafting, Snorkeling, Whalewatching

Hard-Bottom Inflatable Rafting/Snorkeling the Kanaio Coastline and Molokini

It is the most unique Molokini experiences offered.

Two trips depart Daily from Kihei Boat Ramp:
7am to 11am The Kanaio Coastline
This 4 hour trip takes you to South Maui, along the Kanaio Coastline. Frequent DOLPIN ENCOUNTERS near La Perouse Bay are one of the many bonuses of this trip! When you see marine wildlife from this boat, you are standing at water-level and can practically “reach out and touch” them! The experienced and engaging captain and his crew take you on a tour of this rugged lava coast, sharing island history and lore along the way. This boat provides a perspective of the coast cliffs, caves, tubes and blow holes that is really “up-close-and-personal”! There are 2-3 Snorkel stops, where you’ll encounter countless varietes of tropical fish as well as sea turtles and other wildlife.
A continental breakfast of Fruit and juice and a delicious Deli lunch are included.

7am to 12:30pm ~ Kanaio/Molokini–This 5 1/2 hour trip does the entire Kanaio Coastline tour described above ~including the snorkel stops~ and then takes you to Molokini Crater for snorkeling. The Blue Water Swim and Snorkel that you’re treated to along the outside wall promises to be one of the most special experiences you’ll enjoy on Maui! Yes, they snorkel inside the crater of this unique Marine Preserve and Caldera too. This is the most exciting Molokini experience available. Continental breakfast and deli lunch included with this trip, as well.

It is a fast, fun “wind in your hair/spray in your face” ADVENTURE!

Pricing: (inc. tax/fees)
Kanaio Coastline Tour, 2-3 Snorkel Stops: 7-11am ~ Adults: $107.17/Kids: $84.66
Kanaio/Molokini Tour, 4-5 Snorkel Stops: 7-12:30 ~ Adults: $134.96/Kids; $106.09

During whale season, they also offer 2 hour Whale Watching excursions at 8am, 10am and Noon for $38.94 for adults/$27.50 for kids. (Re: the “up-close-and-personal” description of encounters mentioned above!)

Because of the lively nature of the ride, those with neck injuries, back injuries, are pregnant or have other physical limitations are advised not to do the tour.