Introductory SCUBA Diving

Packages are available for first time and non-certified divers to introduce you to the amazing underwater paradise that Maui boasts!

You may elect to take your class in the pool at the resort or on a boat. You’ll be made familiar with the equipment and comfortable to participate in a one tank dive. A huge part of the paradise of the islands is below the surface of the amazing Pacific Ocean!

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On the boat excursions, while the certified divers are on the deeper dive at Molokini Crater, you will be receiving about a 30-45 minute course on the boat about how to dive safely. You will then be able to snorkel at Molokini. Your dive will most likely be along the along the Makena coast of Maui where the Green Sea Turtles live.

You will be led by a Dive Instructor on a scuba dive to a maximum of 40 feet in depth at one of the wonderful dive sites along the Makena Coast of Maui..

It is an awesome experience and is an excellent prelude to getting certified as you will discover how much fun diving is!