Maui Ocean Center’s Shark Dive

Maui Ocean Center Shark Dive:

(available Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 8:15am
Certified SCUBA Divers only
You will go to the Open Ocean Exhibit to get familiar with the exhibit, watch an informational DVD and then get suited up Then, you will enter the Open Ocean Exhibit, get comfortable, and then make a slow lap around the entire 750,000 gallon exhibit. Besides checking out all the animals up close, you may get a chance to feed the spotted eagle ray and you can even look through the sand for shark teeth, a free souvenir for you! You will have a dive master near you at all times, perhaps one other guest diver, and a safety diver watching your dive from the outside of the exhibit. Tanks and weights are furnished so you’ll need to bring all of the rest of the dive gear (wetsuit, mask, BC, etc.) and certification card. You are welcome to bring underwater cameras!
Animals in the exhibit may include but are not limited to: Tiger shark, hammerhead shark, blacktip reef shark, grey reef shark, whitetip reef shark, sandbar shark, spotted eagle ray, broad stingray, and dozens of species of tropical reef and pelagic fish. $207.29 per person