Helicopter Tours

The helicopter tours are consistently mentioned by past guests as one of the absolutely favorite experiences they’ve had here on Maui — and I have to agree! The experience is invigorating, awe-some and unforgetable!

I recommend at least a 45 minute tour. You can spend a little more money and have more time in the air or possibly a landing option, but these tours cover a lot of ground and give you quite a “bang-for-your-buck”. The two best 45 minute tour choices are:1) Hana and Haleakala areas on Maui or 2) Over the West Maui Mountains and North Shore of Maui to the island of Molokai.

If you opt to go on the Hana/Haleakala or Circle Island tour of Maui, you’ll fall in love with it all over again! This tour soars over the twists and turns of the Hana Highway, right up next to waterfalls in the Hana Rainforest area and then up over the 10,000 foot Haleakala crater. The best way to describe the landscape inside the crater, is “spectacular and other-worldly”.

Another option is the West Maui/Molokai tour. This is the only way – and I mean the ONLY WAY to see the North Shore of Molokai ! It’s not really accessible any other way. And from the perspective of the helicopter, it is spectacular! You cruise over the West Maui Mountains, visiting some of this area’s waterfalls in an up-close-and-personal way and then fly over the Pailolo Channel north of Maui to the island of Molokai. There you’ll view the tallest sea cliffs in the world (2800 ft), with waterfalls all along the coastline!

As an added choice, there are standard (FX or A-Star) or premium (Whisper Star) helicopters to choose from. The Whisper Stars are a slightly larger vehicle with somewhat more visability through their more bubble shaped windows.

The most thrilling option available is one of the tours mentioned above in a “Doors Off” Helicopter!! That’s right, like the one T.C. flew on Magnum PI!
Doors On 45 minute tour pricing from $210 and the Doors Off tours are $312.50

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